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Welcome to the Home Page of the Michigan Electronic Reporting and Tracking System, otherwise known as MERTS. Please consider this site your "Web portal" for all things MERTS.

Download MERTS Software

The passwords required to download the software are NOT the same as the password you use to upload your filings. Your electronic filing upload password can be set or reset by clicking Get Upload Password.

If you need to download the MERTS software, and already know the name and password for your desired module, just click on the appropriate link below, enter the name and password and follow the prompts to download the software.

Register to receive the MERTS Software download password

If you don't know or have forgotten the software download name and password for your MERTS module, quickly register here and you will be immediately provided with this information. You will also receive an email containing this information to the address you provide. Use the name and password information provided to download the desired MERTS software module by clicking the appropriate link below.

Candidate Module

PAC Module

Ballot Question Module

Political Party Module

Gubernatorial PUBLIC FUNDING Module

As of September 7, 2017, the Bureau of Elections is suspending the acceptance of new vendor test file submissions until further notice. Please contact Irene Del Rio at should you have any questions.

PDF Documents must be viewed using the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Vendor Technical Pack

Vendor File Layout

MERTS Import Pack

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