Troubleshooting Frequently Asked Questions

Q Do I need to create a new MERTS file for each report?

Under no circumstances should more than 1 file be created for any committee. Creating more than 1 file forces you to re-enter names and will not carry over balances for the next report. This will also not calculate your cumulatives correctly.

Q Can I open my old MERTS file now that I have a new version of the software?

Yes. MERTS files created in the older version are compatible with new versions.

Q “My Committee” is displayed where the name of the Committee should be. How can I fix this to enter the Committees name?

Entering the Committees name is done when going through the start up wizard. In order to correct the name record scroll through the Names tab until you find the record. Select the Modify item icon on the toolbar or right click and choose modify to enter the name of the Candidate Committee.

Q My ending balance from my last report does not match the beginning balance of my next report. How can I fix this if it is calculated automatically?

There are a number of reasons why your balances are not matching up correctly:

  • Election Cycle Dates - If the election cycle dates are incorrect this will alter your balance.
  • Coverage Dates - If the reporting dates have been entered incorrectly, overlapping other report dates or omitted entirely.
  • Date of receipt, expenditure or other type of transaction entered incorrectly in the specific type of transaction screen. Verify the transactions have the correct dates that coincide with the reporting period.
  • Contribution or other receipts, that are loans, entered by selecting Line #3 (Contributions) or Line #4 (Other Receipts) rather than by selecting Line #12a (Loans Owed by the Committee).
  • Debts owed to the committee, or by the committee, entered incorrectly by selecting an expenditure or contribution line rather than the appropriate Line #12a (Loans Owed By the Committee or Debts Owed BY the Committee) or Line #12b (Debt Owed TO the Committee).

Q I am having trouble uploading my report and/or my connection. What should I look for to make corrections.

If you are having trouble uploading your report or connecting with our server below are some errors to look for:

  • If your report fails validation due to “Fatal” errors you must correct these errors this typically means the report has not been closed and locked.
  • If you receive errors 10050, 10051, 10052 or 10054 this indicates the committee’s network is down, contact your system administrator.
  • Error 11001 is a loading error which indicates there is a problem with the TCP/IP Host name field in the Configure Screen. To fix this error complete the steps for uploading. After you entered the password and contact email address click the “Configure” tab to see what is listed and the Internet Server.
  • Error 1005 indicates the committee connection to the Internet has failed to open. To verify an open connection, open the Internet browser confirm the committee has Internet access. While leaving the browser open, try to upload the campaign report.

Q This is my first time using MERTS, but I have filed reports in the past. How do I get my ending balance on my paper report show up as my beginning balance on my electronic report?

An Other Receipts dated before the current reporting period will need to be entered with the exact amount of the ending balance of the previous report with a description of “Beginning Balance Adjustment.” As long as the transactions falls before the reporting period it will show as the beginning balance.

Note: Cumulative totals and previous debts should also be entered. Contact the Bureau of Elections for additional assistance with making these corrections.

Q I closed (locked) my report, but it has not been uploaded. I need to make a correction, how do I unclose (unlock) my report?

Once a report has been closed (locked) you must contact the MERTS tech support for a (one time use only) password by email for phone at: (517) 999–3468(EGOV).

Validation Errors

Q The validation reports indicates I am missing employer/occupation information for an individual. How to add this information?

If an individual has contributed $100.01 or more their employer, employer address and occupation is required. In order to add an individuals’ employer you must open the Names window and locate the individuals record. Select “Add New Name” located near the Employer dropdown list. Enter the Employer information and select OK. Add the Occupation and Select OK.

Q I received a fatal error that indicates the Record Name “CVR”, Field Name “Date Closed” is a mandatory field. What is this and how do I fix it?

This error informs you that you have not closed your report and therefore can not upload. You must open your Reports tab right click and choose Close Report. Once you have entered all the required information select OK to continue. The report/campaign statement will have a lock icon indicating it is closed and ready to be uploaded.

If this does not have a date follow the steps again and double check your date to make sure it is dated after the last report/campaign statement closed in your Reports tab.

If you are not ready to file your report/campaign statement please disregard this error until you are ready to upload.

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