Run View And Print Validation Report

View and Print Validation Tab

The validation tab is a detailed report of possible errors, omissions or excess contributions in the selected report/campaign statement. A validation report can be run at any time and should be run before a report/campaign statement is closed so that all errors can be corrected prior to closing and uploading the report/campaign statement.

Note: When the validation report is run prior to closing the report, a fatal error will appear preventing the report from filing. The error will read: “CVR (Cover Page), Date Closed, Mandatory Field”.

To view and print a validation report, follow the steps below:

  1. Select an existing report in the Reports tab to be validated.
  2. To run a validation report select the Validate icon on the toolbar or select File and Validate.
  3. A new validation tab will appear and the validation report will be processed for the selected report/campaign statement.
  4. To print the validation report/campaign statement select Print under the File menu.

Fatal warnings will prevent a report/campaign statement from being accepted when filed. Fatal errors must be corrected before the report/campaign statement can be successfully uploaded. Please note if the validation report shows a fatal error indicating “CVR (Cover Page), Date Closed, Mandatory Field” the report/campaign statement is not yet closed and therefore will not upload. If the report/campaign statement is not ready to be filed please disregard this error.

Statutory warnings will not prevent the report/campaign statement from being filed but should be corrected to avoid the committee receiving a notice from the Bureau of Elections.

Select the Transaction ID to be directed to the All Transactions tab to make the necessary changes.

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