MERTS Software

To download the MERTS software, select Download the MERTS Software link below. Enter the required information as well as the last name of the committee treasurer on file with the Bureau of Elections. Also include an email address where a confirmation email can be sent.

What are the System Requirements for MERTS? System requirements for MERTS software.


What information do I need to get started?

Gather the information you will need to complete the set-up wizard of the committee. You will only need to go through the wizard once. Gathering this information before you get started will help you complete the wizard.

  1. Have the committee Statement of Organization handy.
  2. The committee identification number in this format: 000000
  3. The committee name
  4. The committee address(es)
  5. The committee Treasurer name and address
  6. The first/next campaign statement required to be filed by the committee and coverage dates of the campaign statement.
  7. Candidate and Ballot Question Committees: The date of the General Election
  8. Candidates only: The Candidate Name, Address, Occupation and Employer information

Download the MERTS Software

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