MERTS Menu Functions

Navigating in MERTS

Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Open a new data entry.
  • Delete the selected object.
  • Navigate to the first entry of the window.
  • Navigate to the last entry of the window.
  • Scroll through the active window.
  • Open the “Modify” window.

Menu Options located at the top of the screen.

File Menu

  • Create a new committee (.DCF) file.
  • Open an existing committee (.DCF) file.
  • Close a file.
  • Save the file.
  • Save the file.
  • Import direct receipts, other receipts and direct expenditures into the committee file (.DCF).
  • Import names and addresses to create a new committee file or into an existing committee file.
  • Export names and addresses to create a another file to another software product.
  • Export direct receipts, other receipts and direct expenditures to another file or software product.
  • Backup the file.
  • Check for possible errors. This feature runs automatically when a report is uploaded.
  • Print or view a report.
  • Electronically file the report.

Edit Menu

  • Open a new entry screen in an active window.
  • Modify an existing transaction.
  • Delete an existing transaction.
  • Clone a transaction to retain date, amount, description and fund raising event (if applicable)for the next entry.
  • Close report/campaign statement.
  • Unclose a report. (Note: A password is required by the Merts Tech Support to Unclose a report)
  • Create an amended report or amend a transaction.
  • De-report a transaction within an amended report.
  • New Fund Raiser….
  • View expenditure limits chart. (Independent/Political PAC and Political Party Modules Only)
  • Itemize all expenditures entered regardless of the amount.
  • Prompts the filer to save every 15 minutes.

View Menu

  • Open the Names tab.
  • Open the Election Cycles tab.
  • Open the Campaign tab. (not applicable in the Candidate software)
  • Open the Reports tab.
  • Open the All Transactions tab.
  • Open the Summary Page tab.
  • Open all tab (not applicable in the Candidate software).
  • Open the Sort active tab.

Help Menu

  • Link to the MERTS website.
  • Find Version of MERTS currently loaded on the computer.

Tool Bar Icons

  • Open a committee file.
  • Save the file.
  • View or print the report.
  • Run the validation report to check for errors.
  • File report electronically or by disk.
  • Open a new entry window.
  • Create a new entry fund raising event.
  • Modify a transaction.
  • Delete a transaction.
  • Go To e-IDR for more information on Immediate Disclosure Reports.
  • Link to MERTS.

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