Independent And Political PAC Committees

MERTS Step-by-Step for Independent and Political PAC Committee Setup Video

MERTS Step-by-Step for Independent and Political PAC Committee Setup Video
  1. Open the MERTS software.
  2. Choose Create a New Committee File.

Other selections:

  • Open an existing committee file – opens a file you have already started.
  • Help – directs users the the MERTS website.
  • Exit wizard – exits the wizard and return to a gray screen.

To begin setting up the committee select ‘Create a new committee file’.

Please note this should only be selected if:

  • This is the first time this committee is filing and no other Reports/Campaign Statement have been submitted electronically,
  • The committee has lost its previous file and needs to start over,
  • Switching from paper to electronic format.

Creating multiple files will cause ending/beginning balance errors as well as not calculating cumulative totals correctly. These types of errors will generate a Notice of Error or Omission. If a file has already been created exit the wizard and locate the file from its saved location.

  1. Select the committee type and click ‘Ok’
  1. A confirmation window will appear providing the potential errors of creating a new committee file if one has already been created for this committee.
  • Click the ‘I have read the terms..’ check box to proceed with creating a new committee file.
  • ‘I wish to Exit..’ Will close the setup feature. Select the ‘Open’ icon on the toolbar to search for the original file.
Click Ok to proceed with the committee information OR click Cancel to exit the wizard.
  1. Replace ‘My Committee’ with the committee name on file with the Bureau of Elections. Add the committee identification number, address information and other information requested.
  • Ok - saves the entry.
  1. Proceed to enter a report/campaign statement
  • Ok - saves the entry.
  • Return to previous - to return to the previous screen
  1. Enter the coverage dates for the reporting period and other information requested. Select Get Report Coverage dates here for a complete list of reports and dates.
  • Ok - saves the entry.
  1. Select Enter Transactions to proceed to the Summary Page and Data Entry tab to start entering transactions.
Select Add Names to proceed to the Names tab to start entering names.
  1. Save the file, choose a name and location. Enter a file name that is easy to remember and identify as a MERTS file.

Note: Replace the default name with a specific name of the committee and not a report. For example JANE SMITH MERTS FILE (Candidates), SAVE THE PEOPLE MERTS FILE (PAC, Ballot Question or Political Party).

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