Exporting Transactions

MERTS was designed to export receipt and expenditure transaction data such as name, date, dollar amount or descriptions for specific limited types of transactions. These transaction types that may be exported are:

  • Direct Receipts Schedule A
  • Other Receipts Schedule A1
  • Direct Expenditures Schedule B

This file is used to export name and address information in CSV (COMMA SEPARATED VALUE) format when creating a new committee file. This feature is also used to export names to another MERTS committee or another software product for use in making mailing labels or for other purposes.

Please Note: Prior to exporting any names, create a back up file of the committee records to guard against any possible problems that may arise during the export process.

  1. In order to export a file transactions, the committee file must first be open.
  2. Under the File menu select Export Transactions - a screen will appear to select the transaction type which should be exported.
  1. Select the ‘Browse’ button to create a file to export the transactions into.
  1. Select ‘Ok’ to proceed with the export of transactions.
  1. Select Save - The file will now be saved to the location selected (the software will save it as a text file)

The file containing the names list may now be imported to create another committee within the MERTS software or the names may also be imported to provide a names list when creating another type of committee in one of the other MERTS modules.

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