Contribution And Expenditure Limits

The MERTS software uses a chart of limits that it references to determine if a contribution received or an expenditure made exceeds the limits provided by statute. A warning of potential excess contributions or expenditures will be displayed. For the software to perform, the entity types selected in the Names tab must be correct.

  1. Under the Edit menu select the Contribution Limits option.
  2. The Contribution Limits chart will open.

Candidate Committees: Chart displays the contribution limits for each office sought.

State Level Offices

Contributor⇒ Office↓Individual Contribution LimitPolitical (PAC) Committee Contribution LimitIndepdendent (PAC) Committee Contribution LimitCaucus (PAC) Committee Contribution LimitDistrict Political Party Committee Contribution LimitCounty Political Party Committee Contribution LimitState Political Party Committee Contribution Limit
Governor and Lt. Governor — With Public Funding$7,150$7,150$71,500$71,500$30,000$30,000$750,000
Governor and Lt. Governor — Without Public Funding$7,150$7,150$71,500$71,500$71,500$71,500$143,000
Secretary of State$7,150$7,150$71,500$71,500$71,500$71,500$143,000
Attorney General$7,150$7,150$71,500$71,500$71,500$71,500$143,000
State Senate$2,100$2,100$21,000**Unlimited$21,000$21,000$21,000
State Representative$1,050$1,050$10,500**Unlimited$10,500$10,500$10,500
State Board of Education$7,150$7,150$71,500$71,500$71,500$71,500$143,000
University of Michigan Regents$7,150$7,150$71,500$71,500$71,500$71,500$143,000
Michigan State University Trustees$7,150$7,150$71,500$71,500$71,500$71,500$143,000
Wayne State University Governors$7,150$7,150$71,500$71,500$71,500$71,500$143,000

** A Senate or House Caucus committee is prohibited from making a contribution to or an expenditure on behalf of a State Representative or State Senate candidate if the candidate is running against opposition in a primary.

PAC and Political Party Committees: Chart displays the expenditure limits for contributions to Candidate Committees.

(**) NOTE - The amounts do not represent current contribution limit thresholds.

Ballot Question Committees: N/A.

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