All Transactions Tab

The All Transactions tab contains the transactions (contributions, expenditures, etc.) entered into the software. Transactions are modified or deleted from this screen.

All Transaction Features

Right click on the transaction to perform the following:

  • New payment - Apply a new payment on a loan/debt that will display on both the expenditure and debts schedule
  • Memo sub-item - Show the break down of contributions/expenditures to a third party (See Note below)
  • New Co-sponsor - Show Co-sponors of a fund raiser
  • Delete - Delete unfiled transactions; they will disappear from the All Transactions tab
  • De-Report - Delete filed transactions; they will appear as a greyed out transaction in the All Transactions tab
  • Sort - Sorts window by Names, Line #, Amount, Date…etc
  • Dbl Click for Fund Raiser - Locates the fund raising event associated to the transaction

Note: An “m” will appear next to the transaction record for a Memo Sub-Itemization.

Color Definitions

  • Green - Contributions (Direct, In-Kind, Other Receipts)
  • Orange - Fund Raisers
  • Blue - Loans/Debts
  • Red - Expenditures (Direct, Get-Out-The-Vote, In-Kind, Independent)

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