Add New Or Modify Payments or Forgive Debts Or Loans

To make a payment to a Debt or a Loan owed by the committee you must be sure the loan was entered properly through line 12a or 12b in the Summary Page & Data Entry tab. Once the loan is created locate the loan/debt from the ‘All Transactions’ tab as shown below:

MERTS Step-by-Step for Payments to Debt/Loan Video

MERTS Step-by-Step for Payments to Debt/Loan Video
  1. Under the View menu select the All Transactions option.
  2. Locate the loan and right click to select New Payment.
  1. Select the type of payment. To apply a direct payment to the loan select ‘Direct Expenditure’.
  2. Select ‘Ok’ to continue.
  1. Enter date payment was made.
  2. Enter the amount of the payment.
  3. Select ‘Ok’ to continue.

Note: To forgive the entire existing balance of debt or loan, follow steps 1 through 5 again. Do not add an amount. Select the ‘Forgiven’ box. This will forgive the loan or debt and will no longer show on later reports filed.

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