Candidate Committee
Add New or Modify Reports

MERTS Step-by-Step for Add New or Modify Reports

MERTS Step-by-Step for Add New Reports function

The Reports tab is used for four purposes:

  1. Creating a report/campaign statement;
  2. Creating an amendment to a report/campaign statement;
  3. Closing a report/campaign statement so it can be uploaded to the Bureau of Elections and
  4. Activating the Transaction Information icon so transactions can be entered. (A report/campaign statement must be selected from the Reports tab for the Transaction Information icon to become active; otherwise the icon will remain grayed out.)

Each report/campaign statement covers a specific period of time. This represents the coverage dates of the report/campaign statement and is entered into the Report Information screen. Other report/campaign statement specific information is entered in the Reports Information screen such as the type of report/campaign statement to be filed.

Note: Committees must select the correct election cycle for the software to calculate cumulative totals properly.

  1. Under the View menu select the Reports tab.
  2. Select the New item icon on the toolbar or Right click within the tab and select New to activate the report information screen.
  3. Complete committee information below:


  • Select Ok to save the entry and close the window.
  • Select Cancel to close the window without saving the entry.

Additional Features

  • To Modify select an existing report and right click to select modify.
  • To Delete select an existing report and right click to select delete. Please note closed reports cannot be deleted.

Helpful Hints

Entering Transactions From Prior Reporting Periods

A Candidate Committee that has submitted prior campaign statements during an election cycle is required to enter previous receipt and expenditure data in order for the software to account for all cumulative totals. For example, a committee that has received three previous contributions during the current election cycle from a person, and is starting to use MERTS to report a fourth contribution made by the same person during the current reporting period (the first report to be filed electronically using MERTS) would be required either to enter all four contributions, or the current contribution plus a single contribution for the total amount of the three previous contributions. In this case, the three prior contributions may be reported as a single total dated in a previous period. The exact date is not relevant for a correct cumulative to show for the election cycle (as long as the date indicated does fall within the election cycle).

Loans/Debts - All existing outstanding loans and debts must be individually entered (referencing the actual dates) to enable the software to continue tracking the loan or debt (and any payments) until the balance is brought to $0.00. It is important to note, however, since the entry of such a transaction of funds received as past loans will add that amount of the committee’s asset totals, it may become necessary to create an administrative expenditure dated prior to the start of the first electronic report in order to arrive at the correct starting balance for the first electronically filed report.

Note: As of March 10, 2000 all Michigan candidate committee, PACs and other committees are required to itemize all receipts regardless of the amount. MERTS incorporates an “Itemize All Expenditures” option to allow committees to itemize all expenditures regardless of amount.

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