2019 and 2020 Campaign Finance Webinars

The Department of Stateís Bureau of Elections will hold a series of instructional webinars on the disclosure obligations of Candidates, PACS and other committee types seeking guidance in complying with the Michiganís Campaign Finance Act and use of the MERTS software available to State level filers. The scheduled webinars are listed below. Each webinar runs approximately 3 hours. MERTS Training information is also available online at www.mertsplus.com.

Committee Specific Training:

  • Compliance: The first portion of the webinar will cover compliance and include topics such as the organization and operation of a committee, campaign statement filing requirements, the proper handling of campaign funds and other related topics. These sessions are available to all state and local level committees. This segment will last approximately 90 minutes. A short break will be taken following the segment.
  • MERTS: The second portion of the webinar is for state level filers only and will cover general use of the MERTS software. This segment will last approximately 90 minutes and conclude the webinar.

All Committee Types:

  • SPECIAL SESSIONS: A Special Sessions will be held to review the requirements for dissolution in even numbered years. Unsuccessful candidates and committees that no longer wish to participate are encouraged to dissolve the committee to avoid future filing requirements. These sessions are typically less than an hour.

We encourage you to attend the webinar most convenient for you. A reservation is required 2 or more days before the specific session. Webinar materials will be emailed to participants the day before the session.

Sign up for Webinar Training

NOTE: A minimum of 5 committees must sign up for a webinar for the session to be held. If less than 5 committees sign up for a webinar, the webinar will be cancelled. In this event, committees will be sent an email announcing the cancelation and providing the webinar material for review.

2019 and 2020 CFR Webinars

All webinars are scheduled on Wednesday mornings starting at 9:00am and end approximately at Noon.

2019 CFR Webinar Dates

Candidate Committees

January 16
April 10
June 12
November 13

Independent/Political PAC Committees

March 13
September 11

Political Party Committees

May 15

Ballot Question Committees

February 13 - Canceled
August 14

2020 CFR Webinar Dates

Candidate Committees

January 8
March 11
May 6
June 17
July 8
September 9

Independent/Political PAC Committees

February 19
June 10

Political Party Committees

April 8
August 26

Ballot Question Committees

January 22
May 13
October 7

SPECIAL SESSION (All Committee Types)
How do I dissolve my committee?

December 9


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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