Contribution Limits

Contribution Limits For Candidate Committees and Caucus Committee PACS

The Michigan Campaign Finance Act (MCFA) establishes contribution limits for publicly elected offices in Michigan. This means that candidates running for office are limited in what they are allowed to accept from individuals and groups in an election cycle and these same individuals and groups are limited in what they can contribute to a candidate in an election cycle. To understand the contribution limits, we must establish an understanding of elections cycles.

Election Cycles are time frames provided in the MCFA to accumulate contributions and expenditures for reporting purposes and to avoid violating the MCFA by accepting or making an excess contribution. Contribution limits for all offices are based on the election cycle of the office.

If you are using the MERTS Software, the election cycles must be entered properly for the software to accumulate contributions and expenditures properly. See MERTS User Guide for more information concerning the MERTS Software.

Determining the Election Cycle for a Campaign

  • For a general election, the election cycle begins the day following the last general election in which the office appeared on the ballot and ends on the day of the next general election in which the office appears on the ballot.
  • For a special election the election cycle begins the day the special general election is called or the date the office becomes vacant (which ever is earlier) and ends on the day of the special general election.

Contribution limits for the Local Level Offices are based on the population of the district. If the office you are interested in is not listed under the county, see the sections on State Level Offices, Judicial Offices or Community College Boards.

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  • Caucus Committees: A person may not contribute more than $41,975.00 in a calendar year to a House or Senate Caucus Committee. The caucus committee also may not accept contributions that exceed this limit.
  • Other Committees: All other Political Committees, Independent Committees Political Party Committees and Ballot Question Committees, may receive unlimited contribution amounts from a legal source.


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