The Statement Of Organization Forming And Registering A Political Party Committee

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A state central, congressional district or county level political party organization has 10 days to form and register a Political Party Committee as soon as it receives or spends $500.00 or more in a calendar year to:

  • influence voters for or against the nomination or election of one or more candidates in Michigan or
  • the qualification, passage or defeat of one or more ballot questions in Michigan or
  • the establishment of a political party in Michigan.
  • DATE COMMITTEE FORMED Once the $500.00 threshold is met, the committee has ten (10) calendar days to form and register with Bureau of Elections by submitting the Statement of Organization form. Formation is establishing the information needed to complete the Statement of Organization. The most important elements of formation include selecting a committee treasurer and a committee depository.

The MCFA provides for a political party to have one State Central Political Party Committee, one Congressional District Political Party Committee in each congressional district and one County Political Party Committee in each county. An organization that is not the official state level organization designated congressional district organization or county level organization of a political party is not permitted to register as a Political Party Committee under the MCFA.


A political party organization that is covered by the MCFA registers as a committee by filing a Statement of Organization with the Department of State’s Bureau of Elections in Lansing. The Statement of Organization is the first Campaign Finance Form required to be filed by a Political Party Committee. Statement of Organization forms may be filed electronically from Secretary of State’s website.

The Statement of Organization form lists the type of Political Party Committee that has been formed, the committee’s mailing and street addresses, the committee treasurer’s name and address, the name and address of the person responsible for the committee’s records and filings (designated record keeper) if these responsibilities will be handled by someone other than the treasurer, the depository where committee funds will be kept, and other related information. The treasurer signs the Statement of Organization.

Where To File

Political Party Committees must file all required campaign finance statements and reports with the:

Michigan Department of State
Bureau of Elections
P.O. Box 20126
Lansing, Michigan 48901–0726

Office location:

Richard H. Austin Building – 1st Floor
430 West Allegan Street
Lansing, Michigan 48918–1700
Phone (517) 335–3234


The information on the Statement of Organization must be kept up-to-date. If information listed on the form changes, an amendment to the form must be filed no later than the due date of the next Campaign Statement required after the change. The treasurer serving at the time of the change must sign the amended Statement of Organization. Committees are encouraged to voluntarily file the required Statement of Organization amendments earlier in order to ensure the committee records are up-to-date and the committee receives all communications sent by the Bureau of Elections timely.

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