Campaign Finance Disclosure Requirements

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A committee discloses its campaign finance activity on campaign statements. A campaign statement consists of a cover page, summary page, and a series of schedules that itemize the committee’s contributions, other receipts, expenditures, and debts. The fundraiser schedule summarizes fundraisers held by the committee.

State level committees that spend or receive (or expect to spend or receive) $5,000.00 or more in any calendar year must file electronically. Visit for more information.

For state level filers that do not exceed the electronic filing threshold and local committees, paper campaign statement forms and instructions can be obtained from the Department of State’s website at (Wayne County filers are encouraged to contact the Wayne County Clerk’s office for specific filing instructions.)

The Reporting Waiver

A Ballot Question Committee that does not expect to receive or spend more than $1,000.00 for an election may obtain a Reporting Waiver that exempts the committee from filing detailed campaign statements unless it exceeds the $1,000.00 threshold. To obtain a Reporting Waiver the committee must select the YES option on the Original Statement of Organization or on an amended Statement of Organization. The Reporting Waiver is further explained in Appendix C.

When Campaign Statements are Required

Ballot Question Committees that do not maintain a Reporting Waiver are required to file Campaign Statements according to the schedule detailed below. Any due dates that fall on a weekend or state observed holiday are moved to the next business day. See Campaign Finance Disclosure website for more information.

Type of StatementClosing Date of StatementStatement Due Date
Pre-Election Campaign Statement16 days before election11 days before election
Post Election Campaign Statement20 days after election30 days after election
Annual Campaign StatementDecember 31January 31
February Quarterly Campaign StatementFebruary 10February 15
April Quarterly Campaign StatementApril 20April 25
July Quarterly Campaign StatementJuly 20July 25
October Quarterly Campaign Statement (Odd Years only)October 20October 25
Petition Proposal Campaign Statement (State Filers only)28 days after filing35 days after filing
  • An Annual Campaign Statement is required by Ballot Question Committees each year on January 31 (closes on December 31). The Annual Campaign Statement is waived if the committee files a Post-General Campaign Statement during the month of December.
  • A Pre-Election Campaign Statement is required 11 days before any election in which the committee participates (closes 16 days before the election).
  • A Post-Election Campaign Statement is required 30 days after any election in which the committee participates (closes 20 days after the election). A committee that files a Pre-Election Campaign Statement for an election is automatically required to file a Post-Election Campaign Statement for that election.
  • Quarterly Campaign Statements are due each year in February, April, and July. In odd years, an additional statement is owed in October. See chart above for specific closing dates and due dates.
  • A state level Ballot Question Committee that submits a petition proposal as required by section 483a of Michigan Election Law is required to file a Petition Proposal Campaign Statement 35 days after the filing of the petition proposal (closes 28 days after the filing date). A Reporting Waiver does not waive the Petition Proposal Campaign Statement.

Definition of Election

The term “election” is used to mean a primary, general, special, recall, or millage election held in Michigan. A committee is considered to be a participant in an election if it makes a contribution or an expenditure to support or oppose a ballot question on the election ballot. This includes a contribution made or an independent expenditure made on behalf of another Ballot Question Committee participating in the election.

Campaign Statement Closing Dates, Due Dates and Coverage Dates

Campaign statements have specific coverage dates. The first campaign statement filed by a committee “opens” on the day the committee formed and extends through the “closing date” of the statement that is due. Subsequent campaign statements “open” on the day after the last day covered by the previous campaign statement filed by the committee and extend through the “closing date” of the statement that is due.

Annual Campaign Statement Filing Exemption

A Ballot Question Committee that files a Post-General Campaign Statement due between December 1 and January 30 is not required to file the Annual Campaign Statement that is due on January 31 immediately following the Post-General. However, the committee would be required to file the next campaign statement that owed by the committee.

Immediate Disclosure Reports: See Appendix G

Late Filing Fees: See APPENDIX E

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